Add style to your event by covering your tables in skirting. Not only does it hide unsightly table legs but it will add an elegance to your event that your guests won't soon forget.

With easy to use velcro clips, our table skirting is easily put-on or removed. Simply clip the velcro clamps onto the table (usually about every 18 - 24 inches) and lineup your skirting against the velcro. Keep in mind that you may need to use extra clips around the corners.

One 12' table skirting will fit 2 standard 6' tables or 1 standard 8' table. Haven't ordered your tables yet? Click here to view our selection of quality reliable tables.

Note that you do not need to surround the whole table with skirting. Just the areas of the table that will be visible to your guests will need to be covered.

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